Property Maintenance

Our regular maintenance program is a designed to simplify the lives of our customers by providing pre-scheduled service in any or all areas requested. This program is similar to our window cleaning maintenance service we successfully developed in 1999. This allows peace of mind and discounts at the same time. One time and special request service is also available.

Solar Panel Cleaning

RESIDENTIAL* Average cost COMMERCIAL* Average cost
$ 200 1st service (min charge up to 20 panels)

$ 150 Maintenance Service (min charge up to 20 panels)

$ 150 1st service  or Maintenance (min charge up to 20 panels)

Note: Commercial rates are generally discounted due to the volume of work

*Includes pure water cleaning technology and/or application and squeegee method for solar panel cleaning, depending on location of panels. Maintenance frequency and rates depend on the angle of the installation, location of the panel, and the frequency schedule a customer is requesting.

Snow Removal Service

Residential snow removal can be scheduled if your address is in close in proximity to a current commercial route. Currently there is no residential only route.

Note: All snow removal routes are currently filled for the 2018/2019 season

Commercial Parking lots/Commercial Drives/Multi-unit Residential Parking Areas

$ 55.00 (min. charge for 4 wheeler or small bladed push)
$ 95.00 (min. charge per hour for truck push)
*Seasonal rate options available upon request
*Extra charge for salting, ice melt services, sidewalk snow removal, roof snow removal

Pressure Washing Services

We offer both residential and commercial pressure washing services. Commercial buildings, homes, sidewalks, and roofs are among the most common areas requested to clean. Our system utilizes pure water. Yes, that is correct we wash with filtered de-ionized water when in contact with all surfaces other than flat work. This is the same pure water that provides a spot free rinse in our ultrasonic blind cleaning process, and the same water we utilize in our spot free window cleaning. When deciding on a pressure washing service ask if the water they wash and rinse with is purified and free from all minerals. There is never a reason to introduce additional impurities to an area which is being cleaned. For graffiti removal information please visit the “Specialty Services” section of our website.


Terms of Use for Regular Maintenance Services

We promise to serve your property at an agreed upon rate. Additional charges depending on special requests or conditions will be agreed upon in advance of service. Before initial service we work with each customer to meet their specific requirements and address any concerns.

Our customers provide a credit or debit card authorization to our office. Payment for services may be charged on the day of service or at the end of each month. Clients are requested to have obstacles clear from areas to be serviced in advance of service. Accessibility of areas to be serviced insure the quality of our services, efficiency of our employees, and the safety of everyone.

Cancellations & Changes

Changes to the scope of work to be performed should be made in advance when possible. Life is unpredictable to say the least.  We wish our customers the flexibility to know they can make adjustments as they see fit. We do ask for notification of changes before we arrive on site to perform the agreed upon work. Different pricing discounts correspond to different frequencies of service. When a customer changes their schedule, the price may also change to correspond to a new frequency. All customers are given pricing schedules and options before work is performed.


We are proud of an excellent reputation for the quality we maintain and guarantee complete satisfaction on all services we provide. There is nothing more important than the safety of our employees and customers. If a scheduled service or part of that service can not be performed due to a safety concern a Wadley employee will communicate that to our customer. A rate adjustment may be made to reflect the change to the scope of work.

Notice: All services not available in all areas