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I am proud to be Utah’s first IWCA certified window cleaner.

– Brett Wadley

IWCA certified windows cleaner

Is your cleaner a nationally certified professional?
We were the 1st in Utah and at the forefront of the industry!

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Regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings are a time saving, stress free option our customers love. Customer loyalty and favorable word of mouth advertising has facilitated our success. We are proud to provide professionalism and dependability. We also enjoy seeing a window come clean after being soiled for 20 plus years without prior professional cleaning. We schedule service for all sizes and styles of homes across Utah, from 1,200 sq ft to 21,000 sq ft and everywhere in between.

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly/tri-annual/bi-annual/custom schedule
  • Mineral stain/hard water removal
  • Screen cleaning/sealing and repair
  • Construction cleaning
  • Mirror/chandelier/light fixture cleaning
  • Interior partition/interior glass surfaces
  • Pure water technology available
  • Solar panel cleaning & maintenance
  • Glass restoration/resurfacing/scratched glass repair
  • Green seal certified glass cleaners used
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Our commercial clients are a keystone of our business. They expect professionalism and dependability and we are proud to provide it. Additionally, we are proud to be one of only a few that provide all three types of insurance businesses require. If you get a puzzled response when you request all three insurance certificates from another window cleaning company, you then know you are not dealing with a professional. Whether you have a ski lodge that requires several cleanings per year, a place of worship which must always look it’s best, or a small strip mall or retail store that requires weekly service, we are ready to serve you. We also clean restaurants, banks, office buildings, shopping centers, city recreational facilities and much more!

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly/tri-annual/bi-annual/custom schedule
  • Mineral stain removal/hard water removal
  • Screen cleaning/sealing and repair
  • Construction cleaning
  • Mirror/chandelier/light fixture cleaning
  • Interior partition/interior glass surfaces
  • Pure water technology
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Glass restoration & scratched glass repair
  • Green seal certified glass cleaners used

The most critical clean is always the first one. The potential damage to glass during this early period can be expensive and difficult to resolve. Problems can occur during glass fabrication, transportation, installation, exposure to the construction environment, and unqualified construction cleaning. If three simple steps are followed your new glass can be enjoyed for years to come.

First, be aware of the condition of your new glass when you or your contractor accept it and always require the supplier to provide defect-free quality glass.

Second, glass should be covered during the entire construction process to prevent damage. The cost to protect glass is significantly less than replacement or repair.

Third, have the glass cleaned by a professional window cleaner only! Contractors and homeowners alike should require license, insurance, and certification from a window cleaner the same as any other contracted worker. You may check for current Utah certified companies at With the countless problems that always seem to arise during new construction, it is important to stay away from glass cleaning performed by anyone not fully qualified.

Wadley Services can assist during this process as well as regular maintenance of all glass. Please visit Fields Construction Services at Dan Fields has spent much of the last 30 plus years dealing with glass fabrication issues. Most in the industry have spoken with him at conventions and enjoy sharing his passion. There is also an informative article written by Gary Mauer and available at Gary has also dedicated much of his time and energy to help educate countless professionals in the industry. Additional links can be found on the International Window Cleaning Association webpage

Construction cleanup can potentially be a very frustrating process. However, if the best contractors are used from the janitorial crew to the final cleaning of the glass, the peace of mind is priceless. Wadley Services is proud to be qualified to help during this process.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) recommends cleanings when “dirt and residue appear”. Regular cleanings are extremely important as the risk of harmful deposits, which can damage glass, are reduced. Common schedules are monthly cleanings for businesses and quarterly service for residential clients. Glass replacement or repair is not cheap. Please allow us to protect your investment.

I have several windows that are damaged. Can you help me?

If you have moisture between your panes this is referred to as I.G. (insulated glass) failure. Many windows stay clear after 30 years when others are clouded in only 30 days. If you are experiencing this, refer to your warranty information sooner rather than later. The reasons for failure often trace back to manufacturing mistakes or oversight. Even the best fabricators will have some failed units. However, the window is still defective and not your fault. Reputable providers of quality glass will stand behind their products. The scratches on your windows are surface damage caused by many different things. Call us and we can help pinpoint the source or your problem.

Can they be fixed rather than replaced?

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With the GlassRenu technology Wadley Services can repair and restore any defect, corrosion damage, or scratch on any glass surface. Please visit to learn about the process we use. We have used other systems in the past and have upgraded to what we feel is the best the industry has to offer. If you are experiencing an internal panel problem or condensation issue, it is either time to replace or preserve with a condensation removal service. Wadley Services does not currently offer a condensation removal service but there are several providers of this service in Utah who will be more than happy to assist you. Avoiding replacement can be green for the environment and your wallet.

How do I get an estimate?

Call us for an immediate price average right over the phone. Before we begin your service we will add up your job with our formula sheet and give you an exact written breakdown.

Can you give me some pointers on cleaning my own windows?

Cleaning windows correctly and safely is a much larger endeavor than many realize. We do not recommend the inexperienced to work on ladders for obvious safety reasons. However, if you have the time and equipment to clean your own glass we will be happy to give assistance by answering any questions you may have. We also regularly answer questions from new companies just starting up and others wishing to draw from our years of experience. We are always willing to help in any way we can so please do not hesitate to ask.

I have a home in St. George and one in Alpine. Who will be cleaning at each location?

Our window cleaning workforce is local to the regions in which we serve. A supervisor who lives in St. George will be cleaning your St. George address where a Utah County employee will be cleaning your windows in Alpine. We always work local when possible. We find customers would rather have a neighbor serve them than an out of town technician.

What do you use to clean windows?

We always use the safest and most professional cleaning solution for the task at hand. It is very exciting to see eco-friendly product developments in the cleaning industry and we are proud to use a “Green Seal” certified window cleaning solution.

Some rooms in my home get really warm. Should I have the windows tinted?

There are some wonderful window films on the market today. However, having the best products installed improperly can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, we have seen it firsthand too many times. We recommend calling an I.W.F.A. certified installer in your area. Visit the IWFA website to locate your nearest professional.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee our work to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Second, we also have a full 3 day weather guarantee for our residential maintenance clients. This assures piece of mind knowing we will not service your location before questionable weather. Most people don’t realize it is actually poor air quality not rain water which soils windows. We will re-clean one window or the entire job if needed. A maintenance program form is given to customers who request regular service.

I can’t seem to find the company that did my windows last year. Can you do it for the same price?

It’s possible but probably not. You see, there may be a reason you can’t locate them. They may have moved out of town but also may have priced themselves out of a job. Perhaps they were forced to find another line of work. Price is always a concern but knowing your window cleaner is a certified professional that offers quality work is priceless.

I love my home very much and am careful who I hire. How can you assure me no damage will occur?

We take pride in our work and always care for our customer’s property as if it were our own. We are very particular and our clients love that about us. We always use shoe covers and drop clothes to protect carpet and wood floors. Ladders are also equipped with bonnets and pads to protect your interior walls and exterior surfaces. We do care and it shows!

Isn’t all window cleaning the same?

No! Having a license, insurance, good equipment, and experience is a good start—many don’t have those basics. A true professional would have such qualifications and more. Along with the International Window Cleaning Association, we believe certification is a must. In the near future I hope to see more local companies enrolled to become certified (passing national tests for safety and general knowledge). Take a minute to view current certified cleaners near you at

What other kinds of cleaning do you do?

We have the capability to safely dry clean your felt pool table top, silk oriental carpet, Tahitian cotton upholstered fabric, and the velvet swags and blackout drapes in your theater room. We can clean up that oil spill on your garage floor and the soiled solar panels on your roof. Anything else? If we can’t clean it, we can help you find someone who can.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Windows can be damaged by mineral deposits left after water evaporates off glass. The amount of damage and cost of removal depends on the stage of corrosion. Although we can restore most any piece of glass, prevention is the key to saving money. We recommend secondary water for irrigation when possible. Culinary water is more expensive and leaves more stubborn mineral stains on glass. Keeping water away from buildings not only protects glass but can also prevent water damage in basements. Exterior glass should also be protected from trees and overgrowth. This helps the surface remain cleaner, prevents damage, and saves money.

The products we use to clean exterior glass are specifically formulated for that purpose. Consumers are unaware that most window cleaning companies cut their costs by using everyday dish detergent in place of professional products. These soaps can be somewhat effective in cleaning, however, they are also effective in attracting dirt. Joy and Dawn dish-washing detergent are the most common substitutes. I have heard many in the industry say they have been using it for years and have no reason to stop. Perhaps they should visit Dawn’s own website under Q & A where Proctor and Gamble states, “Dawn is not recommended for window cleaning, car washing, body wash or washing hair.” The Glass Association of North America (G.A.N.A.) recommends using only “commercial window cleaning solution” on glass. It would be unacceptable for your carpet cleaner to use the wrong product and leave behind soap scum to attract dirt; why then would any consumer allow a window cleaning service to do the same? In addition to using the right product for the job, protecting glass can also be done by treating it with an appropriate sealant.

Interior Window Cleaning

The frequency of interior window cleaning is determined by more than just fingerprints and cobwebs. Air quality in your home can also be a major factor. Always keep filters in place and replace them often to prevent airborne dust. Ceiling exhaust fans should be used to remove steam in bathrooms, and hood or range fans should run on high to extract grease and smoke in kitchens. Having clean window screens and closing windows when it is windy can decrease unwanted particles in the air keeping interior glass clean longer.

The products we use to clean interior glass promote an anti-static environment on the surface of the glass. A neutral cleaner made specifically for glass will help interior windows stay clean longer by reducing the attraction of air pollution onto glass.

Important: Please understand there is a drastic difference between cleaning window film and regular annealed glass. If you hire a professional to place a tinting film on your glass we recommend a professional member of the I.W.F.A. Find a local accredited service provider near you by visiting . If you choose to have window film installed please be certain to treat the surface according to the manufacturers recommendations in between professional cleanings. Remember, we use special tools and solution to protect your investment when we clean.

Several of the many window cleaning products we use are pictured below along with some of their company logos.


  1. Safety – By always using the proper equipment and ongoing safety training, we are dedicated to keeping safety a top priority.
  2. Certification – Utah’s first certified window cleaner through the I.W.C.A  (The largest window cleaning organization in the country) was Wadley Services’ owner, Brett Wadley
  3. Insurance – We are always fully insured with liability, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance. Current insurance information is available upon request.
  4. Products – We always use professional window cleaning solutions and equipment. The residue left from inferior products attracts dirt resulting in windows getting dirtier faster.
  5. Advancements – Our industry is constantly changing. To keep current on all new products, industry improvements, and challenges, we attend I.W.C.A. conventions and trade shows. We also continue our education by subscribing to publications of the window cleaning and glass industries.
  6. Guarantee – We promise nothing less than your complete satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our work.
  7. We Care – All of our ladders are protected with mitts or bonnets to safeguard your personal property inside and out. Drop cloths and shoe covers are also used inside to keep your home clean. We care for your property as if it were our own.
  8. Peace of mind comes from knowing you’ve hired the best window cleaner in Utah.

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