The value of our window cleaning service

Real value guaranteed

We are proud to provide real value. We are not in the business of under bidding our competition to get a one time job and make a quick dollar. We are in the business of building relationships with customers that want a window cleaning service they can count on today and tomorrow. We can guarantee a fair price for the quality of work we provide. The peace of mind our customers have in knowing that we can continue to offer a dependable service at a great rate is priceless. Think about it, a fully insured service provider, quality products used on your glass, well trained employees, and a completed job that lets you know you got your money’s worth is guaranteed by Wadley Services. There are always those with a bucket of dish soap, a squeegee, and a lower rate. There are also those with a higher price knowing they will not be around tomorrow. Neither of these scenarios is our business. Again, we are about real value. Over the years we have heard that we are both higher and lower than our competition. It really just depends on what you are looking for and what you consider real value to be.

How much and how do you charge?

Some companies only charge per window, and some only per hour. This scenario can end up short changing the customer. Our price quote system is quite accurate for us to project in advance and always exact to calculate once on-site. You may choose to complete our online quote system below or call the office line nearest to you. Once work is scheduled our techs can see exactly what is required to complete your requested work. At that time an exact price confirmation will be presented before any work is performed.

If deep corrective cleaning is necessary on a first time cleaning we often charge 25% more. However, we offer discounted rates to customers who are on a maintenance program with a frequency of at least 3 times per year for exterior cleanings. The most popular residential service is a quarterly program, and our most common commercial scheduled is monthly. More information is available on these programs at the time of your written quote.
Factors that affect prices:

  • Total number of surfaces
  • Size and location of surfaces
  • Type and height of ladder work
  • Amount of mineral deposits to be removed (hard water)
  • Condition of glass, obstacles, difficulty factor
  • Frequency of cleanings (maintenance discounts available)
  • Additional services (screens, tracks, storm windows, etc.)


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